Tubes ‘n Tunes Day Jan 19, 2016

Hello! It’s time for another Tubes ‘n Tunes Day submission.

This week’s video comes from one of my favorite bands, Coheed and Cambria. I realize that more than half of the readers just closed out their browser windows. Coheed isn’t for everyone. I get it.

Well they’ve recently put out an album that has been getting some great reviews. It’s different than their last seven releases. Coheed is known for their concept albums about a far off galaxy. There are even comics written by the lead singer to tell the full story that can’t be grasped in the albums. But this latest album takes a turn from that and showcases the real life struggles and emotions of the writers themselves.

Claudio Sanchez (lead singer and writer) has been a huge encouragement in my life because we both share a common background. We’re both the nerdy/geeky kid of Puerto Rican descent who care more for sci-fi and art than salsa dancing (which I might take lessons for). He’s proof there were others like me that didn’t fit the cultural molds our society had created. It gave me the courage to fully embrace my artistic side and a drive to discover others that didn’t fit the norm.

This song has a lot of significance to me because of recent heartbreak that I’ve gone through. It’s been the hardest experience of my entire life. I’ve lived through a natural disaster and have seen first hand the devastation left in its wake. A house exploded two hundred feet from me; X’s on homes warned us that people lay dead inside; and chaos ran rampant as lowlives ransacked homes in the cover of night. Yet none of that could have prepared me for how broken and lost I would feel after losing the woman I loved.

It’s been a very hard time but I thank Claudio and the guys of Coheed and Cambria for writing a song that matched my feelings.

Check out Coheed and Cambria’s latest release The Color Before the Sun.