A Fire Burning In Your Eyes


After watching Daenerys Stormborn burn the Khals alive in last night’s Game of Thrones episode (Book of the Stranger), my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds were filled with praise for Khaleesi. Women wrote about her strength while most of the guys’ posts could be summed up with “wife goals.” I saw it a few times and thought I’d offer this piece of advice. Continue reading A Fire Burning In Your Eyes


Eric v. Peppa Pig

In the last four months my father died and the relationship I was in ended. I was left a broken man and had only enough strength to beg God for answers. Slowly I began to pick myself up and dust myself off.  The kicker of it all was that I became broken without my knowledge. Life was so hectic after my father’s passing that I couldn’t sit down and process it all. Now that my days are settling down again, I’m beginning to notice the holes left in my life. I miss my dad everyday I can’t speak to him. But I miss something else. Something other than the relationship.  Continue reading Eric v. Peppa Pig

Here’s to the New Year

In 2015, I was a barber apprentice, proud Chelsea FC supporter, a father figure, rediscovered my passion for writing, worship team member, channel coordinator for AMC Latin America, a brother, a son, and a boyfriend.
I was also broke, lazy, diagnosed with depression, suicidal, beaten down, and far from God.
It’s a year that has taught me to count my blessings. No matter what is thrown at me, no matter how far the pendulum swings in one direction, I can count the things I am thankful for because I know they will always outnumber the bad.
I wish you a Happy New Year and pray it’s a great year for all of humanity.
God bless.

La Cruise

Driving is hands down the best release I know I have. I’ve done the drinking and woke up worse for wear. I’ve smoked my brains out and forgot what the point was. To me, there’s nothing like cruising down the highway.

For this reason, I wish I had a convertible. I’d cruise down Ocean Parkway with the wind whipping around my ears. At just the right speed, I bet a warm summer night feels like velvet brushing across my face. In my head, Motown tunes are coming from the radio. I can already feel myself more at ease. Continue reading La Cruise

10 Thousand Hours

If you want to make something of your life, a minimum of 10 thousand hours is required (thank you Malcolm Gladwell). And when that’s done, bash this saying into everyone else’s head.

What happens when the creative person can’t afford to spend those thousands of hours working on what they’d really love to be doing? You whack them over the head with “nothing worth having is ever easy” then watch as hope leaves their eyes.

Another cliche you hear is how cliches are cliche for a reason. No matter how much I hate that saying, I know it’s true.

Like a lot of people, I have a personal dream I’d like to fulfill. Yeah, it’s a ‘step down’ from where I thought I’d be when I was a kid, but I’ve lived a bit and realized that this life can make it hard for us to be happy. Part of growing up is finding out what that is and sticking with it as much as possible. It’s there that we should put our efforts. And if we can accomplish our dreams, maybe we’d be willing to help others not just reach their dreams but all mankind’s. It would be amazing if we could use the forward motion of willingness to sling shot others towards fulfilling their dreams, thus creating a momentum of success.
Continue reading 10 Thousand Hours

Pack Your Things And Go

What’s the normal age to move out of your parent’s house? Right out of college? After you get a job? When your TV dad kicks you out? There’s no real answer to that question. Yet everyone has a different time they think you should move out by. It’s the one thing most people can probably agree on and the consensus is that you should definitely be out before you’re 30.

Well, I’m about to lazily walk across that deadline.

In the early 2000’s, I spent a lot of my time living away at college and then even moved out to Denver after I graduated. In those 5 years, I did a lot of living. Yeah, it was “ramen noodles for dinner” living but that time was great. Best part about it? I had my own place.

Now that I’m hitting the big 3-0, the pressure to get out is intense. It’s been there for a while but it’s starting to boil over. And that’s not at all because of my family. I love them to death and can’t begin to describe how much I appreciate being born into this group of numbskulls. I just need out and for a couple of reasons:

  1. The Ladies
    Mom. You want grandkids, right? Ladies. You want a guy with his own place, right? Are we starting to see the connection?
    There have been a couple times when hanging out with a girl has turned stale because neither of us had our own place. We couldn’t just hang out somewhere. That’s really what I want when I refer to girls in this context. I want someplace I can bring a girl and we can just hang out, watch movies, and get some take out.
  2. Independence
    That pretty much speaks for itself.
  3. Stress
    This is the biggest one. Having somewhere to relax that is larger than the awesome bedroom I grew up in would be incredible. Sometimes coming home to a full house is overwhelming. Everyone talks about their day when all I want to do is plop down on the couch and play with my iPad while the TV is on in the background. It would be my inner sanctum.

This is all about having someplace I could call my own. In the eyes of society, I’m a moocher. It’s the second least thing I’d want to be associated with. The first is Matthew McConaughey and that awful movie Failure To Launch, which is about a dude who never left home. Two for two!

And so the quest begins. I’m still chiseling out the details and seeing where this leads me. Who knows? I might end up in a different state. Definitely somewhere with a lot less snow. Someplace like California. Oh man… I just drooled.

Just Breathe.

This place looks like an empty museum in my mind. Cobwebs over the memories that are attached to the entires that I wrote close to two years ago. It’s not that I haven’t been writing, it’s that I’ve been dedicating a lot of my time to an awesome blog that a good friend and I started. If you read my stuff on tumblr, then you all ready know this stuff. Please check it out! The DK Lounge is all about comic books, video games, and beer. And if you were wondering if I was nerdy, yeah. Yeah, I am.
What does that mean for Regarding Remly? Well, I’m not going to be able to update this as frequently as I’d like, which really means that I won’t be able to write this every day of my life. I’ll get there eventually! I’m going to do my best to write as much as possible. If this time away from RR has taught me anything, it’s that I absolutely love writing. I also love sharing with whoever appreciates my views on things and get that sometimes they’re a little funny.
I mentioned Tumblr before. That’s where I was posting this blog before. The stuff on there is great and I wish I could just port it to this site, but that’s not happening. So please do me a favor and check it out. You can leave comments on here and let me know what post you’re talking about. You could also purposefully mix me up and laugh at the thought of me scratching my head.

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